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Verizon Certification

In Product Releases on November 10, 2011 by janusrc

Janus Remote Communications Announces Verizon Certification for their CDMA864CF v3.0 Plug-In Terminus. View link below!

CDMA864CF V3.0


400AP Product Release

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Janus Remote Communications introduces their newest terminus platform device. Follow the link below to read more about the features and pricing for the 400AP.

400AP Product Release



Terminus CDMA864D Receives Verizon Certification

In Product Releases on August 5, 2011 by janusrc

Janus Remote Communications, a leader in M2M technology and services, in the areas of asset tracking, facility and energy monitoring and other commercial vertical industries, today announced that the CDMA864D Standard Terminus has received Verizon certification.

The Terminus CDMA864D is a dual band, CDMA-1xRTT wireless communication terminal specifically designed for worldwide M2M network deployment. The CDMA864D has 7 configurable GPIOs, 1 DAC, 1 ADC and an operating voltage of 7 to 26 VDC. USB or Serial UARTs can be used to communicate with the device.

“With this certification, end users have access to an all-in-one cellular communication terminal for use on Verizon networks expanding the potential market and opportunities with new and existing customers, ” said Dave Jahr, general manager, Janus Remote Communications.

Cost effective and easy to implement, the CDMA864D is ideal for use in M2M telemetry and Telematics applications including fleet and asset management, vending security, health and safety, alarm monitoring, e-maintenance and many telemetry applications.

“Janus Remote Communications’ module is a welcome addition to the certification portfolio as their CDMA864D pass our rigorous testing requirements, ” said Aparna Khurjekar, Executive Director, Business Solutions Group, Verizon Wireless. “With M2M becoming so prominent in our business and daily lives, we are always looking for the best technologies for our customers. The other value proposition is that Verizon Wireless is committed to supporting the 2G network beyond 2020, and no other carrier can beat us in that longevity.”

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GSM865CF Receives AT&T Certification

In Product Releases on June 28, 2011 by janusrc

Janus Remote Communications, a leader in the M2M (machine to machine) communication products and services, announced today that their PTCRB certifed GSM865CF Plug-In GSM/GPRS modules achieved AT&T end product certification.

Adding to their highly successful line of cellular  modems and terminal products, the Janus Plug-In Terminus modules now allow users to quickly and easily add AT&T cellular connectivity to any existing or new applications. The common footprint design affords users the option to change back and forth between cellular networks as their communication needs change.

The GSM865CF offers TCP/IP stack access via AT commands and full FOTA management capabilities. The 2.5” x 1.4” x 0.365” open frame “DIP Type” design has a operational temperature range of -40˚ to 80˚C, sensitivity of ≤-106 dBm and an input voltage range of 4.75 to 5.25 Vdc. The Terminus GSM865CF is ideal for use in fleet and asset management, security systems, telemetry, telematics, remote monitoring systems, remote meter reading, vending machines or any other M2M applications.

Janus currently supports three different network communication modules in their common footprint design: GSM/GPRS (2.5G), CDMA (3G), and UMTS (3G). Development is currently under way for an HSPA (4G) footprint compatible solution. Janus is proud to use Telit GSM/GPRS technology in the Terminus Plug-In modules.

For more information or to order the GMS865CF or any certified Janus devices, go to